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9 Best Free Android Games with Controller Support

Itching to get the console experience on your Android phone? Break out your Android controller and play or try these popular games for free:

#9: Play Sonic the Hedgehog on Android (4,2 stars)

Cost: Free with ads or with Google Play Pass, $1,99 to go ad-free

SEGA has begun porting tons of classic SEGA games to Android, including Sonic the Hedgehog and other classic titles like Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, and more. All are free with ads and $1,99 to go ad free (a reasonable price if you choose), and almost all offer controller support! Just make sure the developer says "SEGA" to make sure it's official.

Sonic the Hedgehog and many other Sonic titles are included, all with good ratings on the Google Play Store, suggesting that SEGA has done a good job porting our favorite blue hedgehog to Android.

#8: Play Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition on Android (3,6 stars)

Cost: Free with ads or Google Play Pass, $1,99 to go ad-free

Similar to the Sonic series, Super Monkey Ball is another classic that is offered by SEGA for free with ads. Gone are the days of needing to find a retro console or emulator; enjoy re-playing your favorite childhood console games on your phone!

You likely want to play this game without a controller, though. The controls are designed for you to tilt your phone to control your monkey ball.

#7: Play Bridge Constructor Portal on Android (4,5 stars)

Cost: Free with Google Play Pass, $4,99 to buy

Portal meets Bridge Constructor in this puzzle game with a great rating on the Google Play Store. It even features Portal's iconic GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain to sarcastically accompany you.

#6: Play UNKILLED on Android (4,4 stars)

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Looking for an FPS that begs to be played on a controller? Try out UNKILLED, a first-person zombie shooter not unlike Left 4 Dead. It includes multiplayer online PvP so you can even play with friends.

#5: Play Crossy Road on Android (4,6 stars)

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Crossy Road is a modern day Frogger-style game, where you bounce across a busy street and try not to get run over. Tons of unlockables and solid gameplay make this a well-reviewed Android classic that is great to play with a controller.

#4: Play Oddmar on Android (4,6 stars)

Cost: Free demo mode, $4,99 to buy

Looking for a platformer? Oddmar is a well-recieved side-scroller reminscent of games like Rayman that beg to be played with a controller.

#3: Play Horizon Chase - World Tour on Android (4,0 stars)

Cost: Limited tracks free, $2,99 for all content

Horizon Chase is a classic arcade-style racing game that provides enough content in the "free" version to decide if you want to purchase the full game.

#2: Play Stickman Skate Battle on Android (4,2 stars)

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Enjoy games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater? Stickman Skate Battle might be right up your alley. It includes tons of modes, including online PvP so you can skate with friends.

#1: Play Endurance on Android (4,3 stars)

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Endurance is a great new roguelike dungeon crawler that released in Summer 2020. Navigate around the top-down spaceship dodging bullets and shooting zombies using a variety of weapons.

Hopefully you found a new Android game to check out from this list.

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