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Fortnite Mobile Announces Controller Support

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Fortnite Mobile now supports controllers! What does this mean?

No longer do your Victory Royales need to be limited to clunky touchscreen controls. Sure, it’s not keyboard and mouse support, but hey, it’s the next best thing, and a lot of folks prefer controllers.

Now that controllers are officially supported, you can use any Bluetooth controller to easily pair with your phone and drop in (where we dropping boys?)

The game now supports all regular controller inputs like clickable thumbsticks, and is the next best thing to playing on your console at home.

That being said, all SteelSeries controllers are armed and ready for Fortnite! Whether you’re playing on Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered. The Stratus Duo is our brand-new controller for mobile/PC, and the Nimbus+ is our classic controller for gaming on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Will these guarantee a Victory Royale? Probably not. But they should help you suck less 😉 GLHF!