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5 Video Game Artists to Watch Live

Whether you're an artist or just an appreciator of cool visuals, there's nothing like video game art to get those creative juices flowing.

Here are some of our favorite video game artists that stream or post videos of their game art online. Check it out:

Lee Petty

Lee Petty is an art director for Double Fine Productions and has worked on several amazing games including Brutal Legend, Broken Age, and even created a few of his own including RAD, Headlander and Stacking. If you want to watch someone make art look incredibly easy, check him out on Twitch!

Watch Highlight: Painting in Photoshop! from leepettyart on


Harry is a 3D art and game developer with Detail Software who streams work he is doing. This is a great stream to watch if you want to know how 3D environments are put together for a game.

Watch DividedZero! GameDev! Environments! from TheCoffeeHarry on

punisherxa (Daniel Sanchez)

Daniel is a game developer who streams work and tutorials in Unity and Photoshop. The streams are in Spanish but he shows you everything he clicks on so it's not terribly difficult to follow along if you aren't fluent.

Watch [Unity] Arañita procedural from punisherxa on


This guy creates some really fun pixel art for video games and just 'cause. Check out his streams to see how it's done!

Watch Working on some Stream Avatars - Do you like Game dev? Do you like Pixel art? from WhiteVault on


Saultoons draws a variety of different cartoon and video game characters, then posts them on YouTube. He's fun to watch and makes it look easy!

What are your favorite artist streams to watch? Let us know on Twitter or Discord.

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