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How to Have Board Game Night Online

Many of us have fond memories of getting together with the gang around a board game. But sometimes, life and distance can get in the way. Here's some easy ways to get the board game experience, even if you're not in the same room.

Board game crowd? Check Steam, or get the latest Humble Bundle

For board game fans who have been missing their usual board game night, Humble Bundle teamed up with game publisher Asmodee Digital to create the "Play with friends" bundle of board games that can be played together online.

Here are the 6 games you can get for as low as a $1 donation (with many more titles if you're willing to donate a bit more!)

Humble Bundle webpage displaying the "Pay $1 or more to also unlock!" category of 6 games: "Small World 2", "Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics", "Patchwork", King and Assassins", "Love Letter", and "Potion Explosion".

It includes classic board game night favorites like Carcassone, Love Letter, Small World, and more.

All of the games are available normally on Steam, however you can pick them up for a significant discount in this Humble Bundle (and of course the funds go to charity!)

The deal ends on 21 mayst, so scoop up this deal before it's gone!

Looking for free options?

There are some fantastic free board games on Steam if you utilize the search function. Here I've used the "board game" tag, narrowed price to "free", and sorted by "relevance":

Steam store search page showing a list of tags with "board game" selected, price slider set to "free", and search sorting set to "relevance". The list of games in order are "RISK: Global Domination", "Card Hunter", "Tabletopia", "The Elder Scrolls: Legends", "Business Tour", "Simply Chess", Stormbound", Warbands: Bushido", "BattleCON: Online", and "Ironbound". All are listed as "free" or "free to play".

Play Settlers of Catan for free

Settlers of Catan has a free version, called "Catan Universe", however reviews are quite mixed, so try at your own risk!

Party night? Try Jackbox Party Pack Games

What's exciting about Jackbox's party games is that they're super easy to play and very intuitive, even for a non-gaming audience. Think "Cards Against Humanity" more than "Catan".

Each Jackbox Party Pack (1-6) is comprised of several silly and social games. The 3rd collection seems to be the most popular, as it contains Quiplash 2 and Trivia Murder Party.

Even better, only one person needs to own the game. That person can stream the game over Discord or any other app with screensharing capabilities. All players can play from their PCs or even mobile phones by simply visiting

Facebook games

While not for everyone, Facebook does have tons of free games available that make it easy to play with your Facebook friends.

I hope this helps you explore some new options for scratching that board game itch!

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