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The 5 Best Microgames of WarioWare: Get It Together!

These are the WarioWare: Get It Together! microgames you can't miss.

The WarioWare series has long been one of the most hilarious, irreverent collections of minigames -- microgames -- out there. Each bite-sized activity finds you working as the clock runs down to complete one of many zany tasks. Now, the first entry for the Nintendo Switch is here, WarioWare: Get It Together!, and it has its own selection of games for you to test out as well as remixes of old favorites. But out of all the new and old games, which ones should you keep coming back to? We know, it's hard to decide. That's why we've chosen a few of our favorite games for you to try out. If you're trying to figure out where to start, why not check these out first? Have we ever led you astray?

Super Mario World

A look at the Super Mario World microgame.Source: Nintendo

As one of the lengthier boss microgames, you can jump into a Nintendo classic: Super Mario World. You've got to race against the timer as you try to avoid enemies and reach the level's Goal Pole. It's just like the classic game you remember, but you've got a few seconds to get the job done. Also, you don't have a 1up mushroom handy to grow large again if you end up getting hit. But the greatest thing about this game is that it's a fun throwback to the olden days of Mario, and in a Wario game, to boot.

The Tooth Hurts

A player navigating the The Tooth Hurts microgame with style and panache.Source: Nintendo

You're trapped in a giant mouth, and some pearly white chompers are raising and lowering in quick succession, just like they're snacking on some imaginary treats. You've got to navigate your way to the gaps in the teeth and find a place to keep safe before those lips come down once more. You've got a minute to travel over to the gaps, but it's a bit tense until you get to safety. One wrong move, and it's over for you.

Ice Cream Lean

That tasty ice cream will fall to the ground if a brave player doesn't help.Source: Nintendo

This ridiculously colorful microgame is all about keeping a delicious tower of ice cream from falling over to the side. You've got to move from side to side, punching or otherwise working to intercept the ice cream scoops from hitting the ground. It's fast-paced, exciting, and challenging no matter which character you choose to use. But most of all, there's no question of what you need to do, which can be a bit confusing from game to game.


A player attempts to knock off games that aren't the GameCube title in question.Source: Nintendo

This might be the most meta microgame yet. It's time to play some old WarioWare games, but wait -- this isn't a game, it's literally the game disc for 2004's GameCube title WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!, and you have to make sure you knock away any impostors before they get to the GameCube. If you grew up with the system or just have a soft spot for retro gaming, this microgame will tickle your fancy.

Shoo, Fly!

A player tackles the Shoo, Fly! microgame.Source: Nintendo

No one likes dealing with flies. They're super irritating. That's why Shoo, Fly! is so much fun. You've got to make sure there aren't any annoying flies buzzing around by any means possible. That means just about any character is appropriate for use here. As long as you get rid of those buzzing pests, you're all good. Seems like WarioWare games have a thing for helping players swat bugs, don't they?

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