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What’s New in Sonic Colors: Ultimate?

There's plenty of new content in Sonic Colors: Ultimate for both new and old players.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate marks the return of one of the best games in Sonic the Hedgehog's sordid history. There have been several missteps over the years when it comes to the Fastest Thing Alive, but it's good to see one of the more interesting games got a shot at redemption in the form of a remastered version with a number of improvements. But what, if anything, is actually different in Sonic Colors: Ultimate? We've got everything you need to know right here before jumping in.

New, higher resolution graphics

Sonic Colors: Ultimate debuts 4K resolution for the platform, with 60 frames per second for an experience that's smooth like silk. It's a far cry from the original Wii release, with crisp graphics and character models that are more on par with modern Sonic games. So if you've been looking for a reason to jump back into the game after all these years, these are all great reasons.

New game mod and content

This version of Sonic Colors features a new Rival Rush mode. Sonic can race against Metal Sonic for an assortment of awards. There's also a series of customization options for Sonic, so players can change up the hedgehog's gloves and shoes, which is almost as good as creating a custom 'hog, but not as quite, It's not as complete as it could be, but it's a fun addition to the Colors universe that both new and old fans will appreciate.

New Wisp power

If you thought you'd seen everything Sonic Colors: Ultimate had to provide, you'll be pleased to know there's still more beyond that: a new Wisp power. The Jade Ghost Wisp lets Sonic fly through levels and access hidden, obscured areas by phasing through them. It lets you explore not unlike no-clip mode might in a first-person shooter. That means making fun discoveries you might not have otherwise, which adds another layer to the game that it sorely needed.

Quality of life improvements

Sonic Colors is an older title from the 2010s on the Wii, so it was in need of some changes and fixes to keep it relevant. This new version has a slew of changes to make sure it's still comfortable to play, from special Tails Save spots to customizable controls, 100-count rings to boost invincibility, and even a fully remixed soundtrack to keep things fresh.

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