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Where To Find Tin in Valheim

Tin is an important basic crafting material in Valheim. Here's how you can find it easily.

Valheim is a punishing survival game that forces you to think on your feet. In addition to building structures to ensure your overnight (and extended) survival, you also need to make sure you have the materials needed to fulfill the most basic crafting recipes.

In addition to materials like flint, you'll be using plenty of tin. While it isn't particularly useful all on its own, it's important when combined with other items to make weapons, tools, and additional equipment you'll definitely want to stockpile to keep yourself alive.

Where to find tin in Valheim

A player searches for tin within Valheim.Source: GameSkinny

Since tin is an important part of successfully navigating Valheim, it's pretty simple to find. If you want to get your hands on some tin quickly, you'll want to head to the Black Forest and check out the various bodies of water there. You'll want to look around near rivers, lake shores, and additional areas where you can spot water.

Typically, you'll find small stones that look as though they're at least partially buried in the sand or the ground. Tin has a bit of a metallic shine, and will look much different from the other stones dotting the shores. It might be simpler to spot tin if you have a light source that bounces off of the stones, and that way you'll have a better litmus test, so to speak, to see if you've actually found tin.

When you do find tin, you can mine it with any type of pickaxe you can make. Even the basic kind is fine, since tin is a rudimentary building block item you'll want to keep some stockpiles of if you're able to.

What to use tin for in Valheim

A close-up of some tin ore found by a shore.Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Tin is an important crafting material that's used for a wide variety of things. You start out with tin ore when you're out mining and checking bodies of water. From there, you can refine it. The resulting pieces turn into regular tin in a smelter. To accomplish this, you must use coal as fuel. Once you have regular tin and coal, you can create a Cauldron.

Cauldrons can be used to create Mead Bases, which require two pieces of coal. You can take these items and create potions, which can be used for a variety of different situations. You can also cook different types of foods at a cauldron, including bread, blood pudding, fish wraps, lox meat pie, and various other meals.

Tin can also be further refined into copper when using a forge to create bronze. Bronze requires 2 pieces of copper and 1 piece of tin. As you can see, tin is a building block that can easily be used in additional recipes.

There are several additional types of items like this in Valheim that you can use as jumping-off points, per se, like tin. Be sure to keep your eyes open and pickaxes ready. Your survival depends on it.

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