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When Is Cross-Play Coming To Apex Legends?

You'll soon be able to play with others across different platforms in Apex Legends. Here's when you can expect the battle royale to bring players together.

Cross-play is one of the hottest features in gaming right now. From building worlds with friends in Minecraft to snagging a Victory Royale in Fortnite, it's become one of the most-requested additions to popular games of every stripe. It's already difficult enough for some friends to get together and game, and complicated even further when everyone buys different consoles. With cross-play, everyone wins.

Apex Legends is the latest game to jump on the bandwagon, as Respawn Entertainment has indicated that it will indeed be integrating cross play into its massively popular game. But when can you expect to be able to jump on PC to play with your friends on PlayStation 4? Here's everything we know so far about cross-play in Apex Legends.

When is cross-play coming to Apex Legends?

All the Apex Legends characters come together for a big grin and cheeky poses.Source: Respawn Entertainment

Cross-play is something that's been on the radar for Apex Legends for some time, and on the record as definitive plans for the future (albeit without cross-progress and cross-purchases.) And though developer Respawn Entertainment officially brought the game out of Early Access earlier this year, cross-play still wasn't yet part of its plans then.

However, with the announcement at EA Play 2020 that Apex Legends would indeed be launching on Nintendo Switch and Steam in fall 2020, the topic of cross-play came up once more. This time, Respawn confirmed that players will be able to join together and enjoy gaming together in Apex Legends no matter the platform this coming fall.

Several Legends get into their battle poses in this group portrait.Source: Respawn Entertainment

We're rounding the corner into fall soon enough, but there isn't a concrete answer for when you'll be able to bring all your friends together as platform-agnostic gamers yet. If you must mark something on your calendar, however, go ahead and write it on top of your September page to plan for great things. Cross-play is finally going to be happening!

In the meantime, you can also look forward to the newest Apex Legends event Lost Treasure, which will take place around the introduction of cross-play, or around there: June 23. If you can't wait to jump in-game with pals on a variety of consoles, be sure to keep an eye out for official updates from Electronic Arts or Respawn, or keep it locked right here. We'll let you in on everything we know, when we know it.

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