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What Do Materia Colors Mean in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

FF7 Remake has 49 types of equippable materia with 5 different colors to denote their category. Here's a quick explanation of each type, with the spells and abilities they provide.

Green "magic" materia = elemental spells

Slot these into your weapon, armor, or accessory to allow you to cast MP-cost magic abilities.

Cloud's buster sword eqipped with a magic materiaSource:

  • Healing Materia
  • Cleansing Materia
  • Revival Materia
  • Fire Materia
  • Ice Materia
  • Lightning Materia
  • Wind Materia
  • Poison Materia
  • Barrier Materia
  • Binding Materia
  • Subversion Materia
  • Time Materia

Yellow "command" materia = new abilities in command menu

Slot these into your weapon, armor, or accessory to gain new abilities like chakra, which can restore health without any mana cost.

An "enemy skill" command type materiaSource:

  • Chakra Materia
  • Assess Materia
  • ATB Boost Materia
  • Prayer Materia
  • Steal Materia
  • Enemy Skill Materia

Blue "support" materia = buffs when paired with green or yellow materia

These do nothing on their own! Make sure to always use blue materia in a connected slot where they can buff a green or yellow materia.

A blue elemental materia in FF7 RemakeSource:

  • Elemental Materia
  • Magnify Materia
  • Warding Materia
  • Synergy Materia
  • HP Absorption Materia
  • MP Absorption Materia
  • AP Up Materia

Unsure what to connect blue materia with? Here's a great video by JorRaptor on YouTube explaining some ways to make the best use of your materia combos:

Purple "complete" materia = passive stat and effects

Purple materia provides useful passive abilities that will aid and enhance your party without needing to activate anything in battle.

  • HP Up Materia
  • MP Up Materia
  • Magic Up Materia
  • Luck Up Materia
  • Gil Up Materia
  • EXP Up Materia
  • Deadly Dodge Materia
  • Parry Materia
  • First Strike Materia
  • Auto-Cure Materia
  • Item Master Materia
  • ATB Stagger Materia
  • ATB Assist Materia
  • Provoke Materia
  • Steadfast Block Materia
  • Skill Mater Materia
  • Refocus Materia
  • Pedometer Materia

Red "summon" materia = summons in certain battles

Slot these into your "summon" materia spot to the right of the usual weapon, armor, and accessory materia slots.

5 Chocobos and a moogle in FF7 RemakeSource:

  • Ifrit Materia
  • Chocobo & Moogle Materia
  • Shiva Materia
  • Fat Chocobo Materia
  • Leviathan Materia
  • Bahamut Materia

Missing a materia? Here's a great video by Murad Zero on YouTube showing where you can find every materia in the game:

We hope this helps you slot your materia like a pro. Have fun in FF7 Remake!

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