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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt Guide

Sink your teeth into this guide to figure out how to go from hunted to hunter.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is a fast-paced battle royale where players take on the roles of the vampire archetypes known from the series. Whether you're joining the fray from PlayStation or PC, you can play for free, and there is also crossplay enabled.

The competition in the game is pretty rough, as you need both good gunplay and clever use of your abilities to fare well. While you can venture solo, it's best to go in a three-player squad.

Unsure where to start? Which vampire is best for you? Or you're getting lost in Prague? Check out our guide to get a better footing amongst other vampires.

Bloodhunt Characters and Archetypes


Bloodhunt Enforcer

At the moment, there is only one Ventrue character. Clan Powers are common to all the characters from that clan.

  • Clan Power - Flesh of Marble: Briefly turn yourself invulernable, taking no damage from enemy attacks. However, aggressive actions cease this effect, so use it while reloading or moving.


Great in close-quarters combat, Enforcers are tanky and difficult to take down. Best for those who like to get in the face of their opponents to finish them off.

  • Passive Power - Subjugating Presence: Enemies around you get slowed, and you also get alerted when they are near you.
  • Archetype Power - Unyeilding Charge: Rush at enemies, doing some damage, and inflict a silence condition on the targets, preventing them from using powers.


Bloodhunt Brujah

With Brujah, think of aggressive, rebelious characters in mind. You love to rush down opponents and want to engage them head-on.

  • Clan Power - Soaring Leap: Perofrm a high jump that propels you forward. Great for traversing street gaps while on top of buildings, and not only.


  • Passive Power - True Grit: Automatically heal up to half of your health whenever you're not taking damage. That's a free heal up to 100/200 at any time!
  • Archetype Power - Shockwave Punch: Send out a wave that travels forward and protects you from all incoming bullets. Follow it and engage the enemy closer.


  • Passive Power - Adrenaline Rush: Take less damage while engaging enemies in close distance. Perfect for melee weapon enthusiasts.
  • Archetype Power - Earth Shock: Leap toward the ground with a damaging impact that sends enemies flying up. Follow it up with a shot for a stylish combo.


Bloodhunt Nosefratu

My squad! These two classes revolve around stealth, preparation, and ambushing your enemies.

  • Clan Power - Vanish: Turn invisible and greatly increase your movement speed for a brief time. You can reposition yourself or disengage from enemies.


  • Passive Power - Unseen Passage: Camouflage while crouching, activates after a second or so. To be honest, I haven't had much success with this power; I was spotted and shot by enemies anyway.
  • Archetype Power - Sewer Bomb: Throw a bomb that sticks to a surface and release toxic gas on enemy contact, alerting you to them. You can plant multiple.


  • Passive Power - Sense the Beast: Wounded enemies leave behind a red trail. Great for finishing off enemies who try to juke you.
  • Archetype Power -Scouting Famulus: Send bats to scout an area in a spherical radius. You can hit a roof fixture or a corner and still scout someone from behind it.


Bloodhunt Toreador

Round out your squad with two support-oriented vampires. #toobeautiful

  • Clan Power - Projection Dash: Send out a visage of yourself with the option to teleport to it. You can leave your projection on a rooftop, fall down, then instantly come up top to either mix or finish off your foes.


  • Passive Power - Final Act: When you're downed, you're still able to use your powers, and your cooldowns refresh. Use this as a chance to get back into the action.
  • Archetype Power - Rejuvenating Voice: Channel this power to heal yourself and nearby allies. Get behind cover since taking damage stops this.


  • Passive Power - Kindred Charm: You can convince nearby civillians to temporarily act friendly to you and your team. Feeding on them won't reveal your location.
  • Archetype Power - Rejuvenating Voice: Channel this power to heal yourself and nearby allies. Get behind cover since taking damage stops this.

Bloodhunt Map

Bloodhunt Prague Map

Prague feels like a big map before you get used to it. The yellow points are spawns for the beginning of the game. The stores are rather worth going into, because I usually didn't find players looting them. I've gotten lucky even with the alarm going off.

The red cross spots, Entities, are spawns of AI enemies, armed soldiers who seem to have very good aim. Be careful when engaging them as it might be a bad idea if you also get ganked by players.

Bloodhunt Tips & Tricks

  • Resonance: Feed on specific types of innocents to decrease the cooldowns of your abilities. Phlegmatics (green-ish) reduce your Archetype ability CD, while Melancholics do the same for your Class ability, up to 50%. Sanguine (pink) is also very strong, since it gives you HP regen that works even while fighting. Your slots are limited, however, until you Diablerize some players ("execute" them while they're downed). It's extremely important to buff up your vampire in a way that suits your playstyle. Use the Heightened Senses ability (X by default on PC) to insta-personality test the potential victims.
  • Careful with innocents: The last thing you want to do is gun down a bystander (guilty as charged, over here) or feed on one while another sees you. If you do either, your location gets revealed for 60 seconds to all other players -- both with a red outline and on the minimap. I've survived this, as long as you maintain a good distance from other players, but this could very well be your doom. Extra tip: civilians who are aware of you glow silver.
  • Heal while moving: Using Bloodpacks or Armor greatly slowly you down, but you're not immobile. While they take a long time to apply, you can use them in the air. You can drop down from a rooftop and keep up the critical heal to save yourself. Landing, though, interrupts the channel! You can prevent it by holding down the Slide button, so not only you'll finish off the heal, but also slide with style, hopefully into safety, even if momentary.
  • Stock up on Armor and Heals: Some loot in the game is fixed. Armor packs always spawn in armored trucks, and you can find blood syringes inside ambulances. The locations of all the Legendary loot chests are the same as well.
  • Master the camera and movement: You can always cancel slide into a jump pretty much instantly to get that momentum boost. You can slide while getting to a corner and use the forward-moving momentum to tilt the camera behind you to see if you're getting chased. Speaking of the camera, there is a binding for "Free Camera" which lets you rotate the view in any direction without the character going that way.

Ready to Diablerize your foes? Get out there and get some practice, as putting in time into this game is just as important as understanding all the rules that come with it. Utilize everything you've learned to your advantage.

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