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Upgrade Your Final Fantasy XIV Arsenal with the SteelSeries Aerox 9

Some MMOs present unique challenges that require a special mouse to resolve. Here's how using the Aerox 9 can help you better enjoy Final Fantasy XIV.

MMOs like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV can be delightful to play, but they also require you to remember a lot of different controls. Not only do you need to move around the game world, but you also have to know how to combine attacks, and even initiate those attacks when taking part in the game’s open-world combat.

Now that Square has dropped even more content into the game as of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6,1: Newfound Adventure, it’s time to start thinking about ways you can make your life easier when progressing through the new quests and content. One way that you can do this is by equipping yourself with a mouse built for MMOs. With the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless Mouse, you can easily initiate abilities and still keep a close eye on the battlefield thanks to its long-lasting battery and 12-button side panel.

Power at Your Fingertips

The Aerox 9's array of buttons can help you make short work of even the more ferocious encounters in Final Fantasy XIV: Update 6.1.

One of the most important parts of getting better in an MMO is learning which keys trigger which abilities. In games like Final Fantasy XIV, you’re going to find yourself making use of a ton of different attacks, buffs, and other abilities. Normally the game allows you to trigger these abilities using a hotbar at the bottom of the screen, as well as through a series of different hotkeys that you can set up on your keyboard. These macros, as they're called, are perfect for using to attach a variety of buffs and debuffs to so you can pull them off in quick succession, much like a Paladin's rotation or the way a Bard plays music.

With the Aerox 9's useful side buttons, perfect for quick presses, you can move all of that action to your mouse, making it easier to focus on movement while letting your mouse hand take care of the rest. This makes it easier to time your attacks, as you won’t have to move your fingers as far to trigger different abilities. It can increase your response time, which can be critical in Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP modes.

Hours of Battery Life to Keep You in the Game

Never worry about running out of battery during a fearsome boss encounter again.

Most wireless mice require you to charge them almost constantly, and many even suffer from terrible input lag. With the SteelSeries Aerox 9, though, you’ll have over 180 hours of continuous use between charges. Because the mouse is equipped with fast charging, you can always top it off in between sessions as needed. That means you can spend every hour of your day off exploring Final Fantasy XIV and completing events with your company.

The Aerox 9 is also built with true 1-1 tracking, thanks to SteelSeries' TrueMove Air precision optical gaming sensor. That means 18.000 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G acceleration, plus tilt tracking. And, since MMOs require a lot of clicking, you’ll be happy with the Aerox 9’s next-generation Golden Micro IP54 Switches, which are ranked with over 80 million clicks of durability. So, you can keep fighting without having to worry about your equipment breaking down.

With Update 6.1's lengthy new main story quests, brand new dungeons, and additional ways to interact with Eorzea, you're going to need all of the extra gaming time you can get.

Engineered for Adventure

Stay cool under pressure, because the Aerox 9 can handle anything you can throw at it.

Even with all of its tantalizing features, the Aerox 9 Wireless Mouse from SteelSeries weighs 89g. That means you never have to worry about your hand getting tired while exploring the world of Final Fantasy XIV. And, because it is built with AquaBarrier technology and rated IP54 for water resistance, as well as dust resistant, you can keep your favorite beverage nearby without having to worry about your mouse.

When it comes to adventuring, the SteelSeries Aerox 9 is built for success. And, because you’re going to want to take advantage of all the new scenarios and content that Square just added to Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll definitely want a mouse that’s built for the job. Don't run that Duty Finder and pair up with adventurers looking for a reliable white mage if you aren't ready to live up to the task. The Aerox 9 will make sure you're ready to go, and a force everyone can count on when things get hairy.

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