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Team Fortress 2 VS Saxton Hale Guide

After 13 years the well-beloved VS Saxton Hale community game mode has now become official on TF2 servers!

Players can now experience this mode within the casual queue, thanks to the efforts of its creator, LizardOfOz, who has spent the past seven months integrating it the game following the 2023 TF2 Summer Update. For those unfamiliar with the VS Saxton Hale TF2 mode, here is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know before giving it a try in your next TF2 session.

We'll go over which mercenaries are the best vs the big guy, and also some great tips on how to effectively pummel them back.

Top Mercenaries VS Saxton Hale

TF2 Saxton Hale

Scout: The Swift Slugger

The Scout is an ideal class to choose when confronting Saxton Hale in Team Fortress 2's game mode. With exceptional speed, agility, and the ability to double jump, the Scout can easily dodge Saxton Hale's attacks. Employing hit-and-run tactics with the powerful Scattergun, the Scout can swiftly deal damage and retreat to safety. The Scout's critical hits, facilitated by close-range encounters, can deliver devastating blows to Saxton Hale.

Additionally, the Scout's Bonk! Atomic Punch provides temporary invincibility, enabling strategic advancements or capturing objectives. Crowd control options like the Sandman and Fan O'War further enhance the Scout's effectiveness against Saxton Hale.

Pyro: Fire and Fury

With its close-range flamethrower dealing sustained damage, the Pyro poses a significant threat to Saxton Hale's health. Additionally, the Pyro's crowd control abilities, such as the compression blast for pushing back Saxton Hale and reflecting projectiles, offer effective means of disrupting the boss's movements and defending against his attacks. The Pyro's flames also inflict afterburn damage, wearing down Saxton Hale over time.

Furthermore, the Pyro's flames serve as area denial tools, deterring Saxton Hale and safeguarding key objectives.

Soldier: A True American Hero

With a high damage output from the Rocket Launcher and versatility in range, the Soldier can efficiently chip away at Saxton Hale's health while maintaining a safe distance. The Soldier's mobility through Rocket Jumping allows for advantageous positioning and swift escapes when needed. Additionally, the Buff Banner provides a temporary damage boost for both the Soldier and nearby teammates, amplifying their ability to quickly deplete Saxton Hale's health.

With a higher health pool, the Soldier exhibits resilience against Saxton Hale's attacks, and secondary weapons with stun abilities further disrupt the boss's movements!

Engineer: Master of Defense

The Engineer's ability to construct sentry guns and dispensers provides invaluable defensive capabilities. Sentry guns can control Saxton Hale's movements and deal significant damage, while dispensers offer healing and ammunition support to the team. By strategically placing structures, the Engineer becomes an essential class in surviving Saxton Hale's onslaught.

Medic: Guardian of Life

The Medic's healing expertise is vital for sustaining the team during intense encounters. With the ability to rapidly heal and provide ÜberCharge, the Medic can grant temporary invincibility to a teammate, offering precious moments of reprieve from Saxton Hale's devastating attacks. A Medic paired with a Heavy can form a formidable duo, capable of enduring and retaliating against Saxton Hale's onslaught.

Saxton Hale: The Daring Australian

Saxon Hale TF2

It is important to make the most of your abilities and unique advantages. Utilize sweeping charge to push away players and deal extra damage by aiming for walls. Unleash the devastating Saxton Punch after a 30-second charge to damage all nearby enemies. Master movement and positioning to take advantage of your increased health and strength, while also being aware of cover and obstacles. Prioritize weaker or isolated enemies, coordinate with your team, adapt your strategy, and maintain pressure on the opposing team to increase your effectiveness and chances of success as Saxton Hale.

Saxton Hale Tips

Utilize your abilities effectively

  • Use Sweeping Charge to rush towards players and push them away, aiming to collide them with walls for extra damage.
  • Charge up your Saxton Punch to unleash a devastating attack that damages all nearby enemies.
  • If you’re in a tight situation, use Brave Jump to quickly reposition yourself out of chaotic situations. Brave Jump has a low cooldown so don’t be afraid to use it as much as possible!

Target weaker Mercenaries

  • Prioritize targeting isolated or weaker players to quickly eliminate them and disrupt the enemy team's coordination. (Spies, Heavies, and Engineers are sitting ducks!)
  • If you’re having a hard time eliminating specific Mercenaries, focus down the Medics and Dispensers! Removing critical healing sources provides the enemies a huge disadvantage.

Master Movement and Positioning

  • Make use of your increased health and strength to engage enemies, while also being mindful of cover and obstacles to minimize incoming damage.
  • Push forward aggressively, but be mindful of your health and potential traps such as spies positioning themselves for stealthy backstabs!

Teamwork and coordination are vital to overcoming Saxton Hale. Combining the strengths of different classes and strategizing together will greatly increase your chances of success. Experiment with class combinations, adapt your strategies, and communicate effectively to achieve victory against this formidable Australian.

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