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Pokemon Cafe Mix: How To Recruit Pokemon

Pokemon Cafe Mix is the latest addition to the Pokemon mobile gaming family. Invite a variety of talented Pokemon staff to deliver tasty treats and delicious drinks to other famished Pocket Monsters.

There are a treasure trove of spinoffs in the world of Pokemon games, and the latest addition is Pokemon Cafe Mix. This aww-inducing free-to-play title finds you working alongside a human cafe staff member named Leah to open a bustling cafe that Pokemon can't get enough of.

Soon, the Pokemon who love to visit the cafe end up becoming regulars and even offer their services to help keep it running smoothly.That means there are a series of Pokemon who you can recruit to work alongside you and Leah.

It may not be immediately clear how to invite additional Pokemon to work with you at the cafe, so we've got everything you need to know about doing just that here. Before you know it, you'll be serving up sweets and snacks with your favorite 'mons in no time.

Pokemon Cafe Mix: How to Recruit Pokemon

Charmander looks thrilled to have been added to the cafe staff.Source: The Pokemon Company

Your Pokemon cafe is a heartwarming little shop where people and Pokemon can chill out and get their snack on together. It takes several different Pokemon of all stripes to make it run smoothly.

There are a couple of different ways to recruit new Pokemon to work at your cafe. You can unlock them as you play through the game simply by completing orders, purchase them by way of real cash, or collect them during special events.

To unlock new Pokemon as you progress through the game, you need to take on orders and complete them. Orders are essentially new levels of the game. Each level is essentially a recipe that will result in a dessert, drink, entree, or other type of food your customers will order.

Leah, Minccino, and Slurpuff are seen hanging out at the cafe.Source: The Pokemon Company

Simply complete the prerequisites from each level to finish up an order, and you'll automatically progress to the next. After you complete Order #7, for instance, Charmander will automatically join your team. You'll get Minccino after finishing Order #14, and so on. Other Pokemon, like Sweets Pikachu, will be awarded to you automatically after you log into Pokemon Cafe Mix for five days in a row or you can purchase it outright via the game's shop if you don't want to wait.

There are several other Pokemon that are being added to the game in the form of special event monsters, such as Scorbunny, who will be dropping by the cafe for a limited time. These Pokemon with timed availability will likely continue to change over time.

Pokemon Cafe Mix: Pokemon Staff Recruitment Cheat Sheet

Pokemon Cafe Mix offers instructions on how to recruit Scorbunny to your team.Source: The Pokemon Company

The table below is a quick reference guide for when you can expect certain Pokemon to come work for your cafe. Some have different prerequisites than others, and some can be purchased outright. As the game continues to add more content, new Pokemon will undoubtedly join. We'll be updating the list accordingly.

PokemonCafe SpecialtyOrder Unlocked
EeveeNingunoStarter Pokemon
CharmanderDrinksOrder #7
MinccinoSweetsOrder #14
SnubbullSmall PlatesOrder #17
SlurpuffSweetsOrder #24
TogepiDrinksOrder #26
MunchlaxEntreesOrder #26/ Add Burger Cushion.
SquirtleSmall PlatesOrder #37
KirliaDrinksOrder #47
StarlySweetsOrder #56
SteeneeEntreesOrder #67
BulbasaurUnknownOrder #77
StoutlandSweetsOrder #87
MeowthSweetsOrder #97
Sweets PikachuSweetsLog in daily for 5 days or purchase.
ScorbunnyUnknownAvailable July 1 - July 15

In addition to adding new Pokemon to your staff when completing orders, your cafe will begin to grow. You'll unlock new recipes as well, and Leah will begin to purchase new tools that can be used to create additional dishes. This will, in turn, attract more Pokemon visitors. The more staff you have on hand, the better!

You never know what Pokemon you're going to see joining the game next, so keep coming back to play and we'll make sure you're up to date on all the Pocket Monsters you can possible recruit for your cafe.

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