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Meet Miramasa, Rocket League Extraordinaire

Dutch streamer Miramasa overcame many difficulties to become a prominent Rocket League streamer. She shares her unique perspective on the esports industry with SteelSeries.

Miramasa (Mira for short) hasn't always had it easy. Growing up in a small village in Netherlands, she was diagnosed with ADD and dyscalculia, a learning difficulty involving mathematics. In her long road to becoming a known Rocket League streamer, Miramasa drastically changed her career path and faced obstacles because of her gender. Everything changed when she decided to try out streaming on Twitch in 2020, and after a long subathon, her popularity rose. Miramasa also participated in our Women's History Month celebration, streaming on March 4th.

Introduce yourself:

Miramasa Rocket League

Hi! I’m Miramasa (or Mira) and I’m a 26 year old Rocket League streamer for Spacestation Gaming. After I graduated with two Masters in Law, I decided this path wasn’t for me. I wanted to help people in another way. Streaming combined all of my passions at one: video games, meeting new people, and building a community. I have gone full time for half a year now and it’s been great so far!

What kind of challenges did you face as you were becoming a popular Twitch streamer?

Being a woman in a male-dominated field is never easy. Being told over and over again that I should be in a kitchen or that I only get views because I’m a woman – it gets old after a while. Now, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I hope I can be an example to other girls who want to stream or do something with video games later on.

What kind of change would you like to see in the gaming industry? What can be done better?

Hire more women. I do believe in the concept that we should hire people that fit the job best, but I believe that in the gaming scene there’s a lot to catch up to do. I would love to see more female hosts, game-analyzers, commentators, and talent in esports. I think there’s a lot of female talent capable of doing this, but there are barely any women out there. I think because of that, girls don’t even think it’s in their reach to do something like that (including me). I think that’s a systematic flaw that can only be fixed by training and hiring women in the esports world.

What empowers you?

Rocket League Miramasa Twitch Stream

To do something people said I couldn’t. Studying was hard for me when I grew up, so I decided to study Law. When I wanted to stream, people told me I shouldn’t, that I should stick to Law, that I would not succeed, but I decided to go full-time.

What drew you to Rocket League specifically?

What drew me to Rocket League initially was the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series), I loved seeing high-level gameplay. After a while, I decided to give it a shot and became hooked! It also helped that the Rocket League community is very welcoming, so it can be quite easy to find your place.

Rocket League has changed my entire life for the better. I met some of my best friends through the game, and I’m able to play it for a living, even though I’m not that good at it, haha!

What is your favorite piece of SteelSeries gear?

Arctis 7P Headset

My SteelSeries Arctis 7P headset!! By far!! So good, for music, for shooters, absolutely the best headset I’ve ever owned.

Who is the biggest female influence or role model in your life?

I have always looked up to Soembie (Soe Gschwind). I used to be a big Overwatch League fan and she was a hostess there. Her energy and talent are incredible.

How did overcoming your educational challenges impact the person you are today?

I know now that, whatever people tell me, I should never give up. To keep pushing. To keep using your voice and that you should always shoot your shot!

Big thanks to Miramasa for sharing her story with SteelSeries. Be sure to follow her on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.

Join SteelSeries as we celebrate Women's History Month throughout March!

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