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Hyper Scape Beginner's Guide

Excited to hop in to the Hyper Scape tech test / beta? Don't go in blind: here are some tips to get you started ahead of the curve.

First off, if you still need an invite to the Hyper Scape tech test, check out our guide to getting your invite.

Hyper Scape character select

Hyper Scape looting

The looting in Hyper Scape is much more refined and simple than other Battle Royale titles. You know what you’re getting, the ammo is only one ammo type and everything has a large icon to give you an indication for what you’re supposed to see and understand. It's nice, fluid, and makes the killing much more fun.

Hyper Scape's setting and districts

Hyperscape is set in the virtual world of Neo Arcadia, where champions go to fight it out in a battle royale experience.

Hyper Scape districts

The technological future mixed with heavy european architecture styles creates a stunning visual experience to frag your enemies inside. The ability to run along rooftops, jump through windows and doors and sliding under steel doors is much more enjoyable with a beautiful city that breathes life around you.

There are multiple districts inside Neo Arcadia that you will want to familiarize yourself with for preferable drop locations. These districts function like the towns in PUBG or the landmark areas in COD: Warzone.

You’ll play a bunch of games learning where you’ll favor dropping for gear or for strategic purposes. Inside of those games comes learning just how vertical the game really is.

The dropship is a great way to learn where everyone around you could be dropping and to ping buildings for teammates to take for looting or scouting positions.

Getting around in Hyper Scape

Because most of the buildings are built with multiple floors (with limited interiors) in mind, scavenging upward to the roof felt more natural than dropping down to the ground level to move around.

Because of the jump pads scattered in the districts, you’ll always have a way back up even if you can’t find a door or window to help you inside to the stairs. The points of interest to help you gain some verticality are always in yellow.

Breakable Windows: Hyper Scape breakable windows

Breakable Doors: Hyper Scape breakable doors

Jump Pads: Hyper Scape jump pads

When scavenging gear, always pay attention to the rooftops around you. More likely than not there will be players looking to take advantage of elevated positioning to fire from.

If you are moving through the districts to get away from the zone decay, focus on being elevated for a better traversal.

Rooftop Fighting: Hyper Scape rooftop fight

Rooftop Traveling: Hyper Scape rooftop travel

How revives work in Hyper Scape

After dying, you become a memory echo; a ghost version of your character that can move, locate, and ping enemies for your team.

Dead Echo: Hyper Scape dead echo

This allows you to travel as far from the team as you want as an invisible ghost gaining tactical information. When dead, you can still use your mic and ping system to communicate.

You can be restored by finding a dead body in neo arcadia and activating your echo regenerator.

Echo Revive Point: Hyper Scape echo revive point

Your team can use these regeneration pods to restore you to life. This can happen as many times as you want, but it requires 5 seconds to restore a life so be careful. In the event you need to restore a teammate, make sure you have cleared the area of opposing teams.

Restored: Hyper Scape echo restored

Hyper Scape hacks (abilities)

I find the ability "hacks" in the game to be interesting enough to create fun engagements with enemies without being completely broken (like actual hacks).

There are some hacks that are clearly better than others while some are situational and really good for the final decay (circle). Experiment with the hacks as much as possible before you drop for your first game and get to know what the visual clues are for each hack before you’re fragging. This will make looting much simpler.

Final Hyper Scape tip

Hyper Scape drop pod

One of my main takeaways from playing Hyper Scape for a few hours has been on proper teamwork to secure kills. Because reviving in this game is much faster and frequent than other BR titles, you will need to wipe the enemy team as fast as possible.

Other teams can use their bodies to restore, so getting your fights secured, minimizing 3rd party engagements and moving on is your best bet. As much as you can, be LETHAL.

I hope these tips help you get started more confidently. See you in Hyper Scape!