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How To Watch The International 10

Here's how you can keep up with the teams duking it out this year at TI10.

It's been two long years, and finally, The International is set to make its triumphant return. It's time to watch one of the biggest esports in the world (and history) come back following a brief respite due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TI10 is ready to dominate, and you'll be able to watch SteelSeries sponsored teams like OG and T1 duke it out for supremacy from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can watch 18 different teams from the Dota Pro Circuit regions take to Bucharest, Romania to see who takes home their part of the massive prize pool.

But there's still one important question we need to answer: how can you watch The International 10? Kick back, relax, and we'll answer your burning questions.

How to watch The International 10

If you're ready to settle in and take in The International 10, you'll need to tune in from October 7 through October 17, as the tournament is set to run through those dates. You can follow the action each day by heading over to the official The International 10 Twitch channel. That's the best way to follow your favorite teams through each match, so be sure to park it on Twitch for the better part of early October.

As far as watching the event, you can use Twitch on your desktop, laptop, phone, or streaming device so you can stay up to date just about anywhere. You'll be joining viewers from around the world who are eager to watch their favorite team take home the gold.

How many parts of TI10 are there?

There are two different phases of the tournament:

  • Group Stage: October 7 through October 10
  • Main Event: October 12 through October 17

There will not be a Wild Card stage this year, since all 18 teams have already been selected. Additional details will be announced when the tournament takes place, and we're excited to see which groups hit the Main Event.

SteelSeries and The International

How much is The International 10’s prize pool?

There's a massive pot up for grabs for players competing in TI10: $40.018.195, to be exact. It was funded via the TI20 Battle Pass from 2020, a crowdfunding campaign during which 25 percent of the proceeds from the Battle Pass players bought were added straight to the prize pool. Considering it was original set at $1.6 million, fans raised the pool in such a way that participants are now facing an astronomical sum of money should they achieve victory -- truly nothing to sneeze at.

Which teams should you have your eye on?

Who should you be rooting for? That's a great question, but we know our favorites: OG and T1. We've outfitted OG with the equipment they need to thwart the competition and go for a third straight victory, and T1 is using SteelSeries headsets to train for their first title. Both are intriguing, unique, and capable teams that you'll want to watch from start to finish. We have no idea who will emerge victorious, but it's going to be one heck of a battle royale, that's for sure.

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It's almost time to check out TI10. Join the official SteelSeries Discord to discuss the results with other Dota 2 fans!