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How to Get the Baby Yoda Decoration in Star Wars: Squadrons

Here's how you can get your own Baby Yoda in Star Wars: Squadrons to hang out on your dashboard.

Star Wars fans around the globe can't get enough of Baby Yoda. The pint-sized star of the Disney+ exclusive series The Mandalorian has slowly but surely wormed his way into our hearts, and now we want to see him in every single Star Wars media property ever.

That's why it's such great news that EA Motive has gone ahead and added little Baby Yoda himself (or "Grogu," if you're in the know) to Star Wars: Squadrons. Known as the "Mysterious Creature" in-game, you can snap up an adorable little dashboard decoration in-game to ensure Baby Yoda is by your side every time you veer off into space for your next scuffle.

Not sure how to go about getting a Baby Yoda decoration of your own in Star Wars: Squadrons? We've got it all taken care of for you right here. Read on to see how you can get the Baby Yoda dashboard decoration in Star Wars: Squadrons.

How to get the Baby Yoda dashboard decoration

A look at the Mandalorian Supply Drop you need to download. Source: Electronic Arts

When you've booted up Star Wars: Squadrons, be sure to go and download the additional bit of content from the PlayStation Store. Find the Mandalorian Supply Drop, which comes with some fun additions to the game. It comes packing a variety of different holograms, decals, flair, and dashboard flair for you to customize your ship with, and the Baby Yoda item is included within.

After you grab the pack, you can head on over to the Customization menu from your main menu, which you can see at the bottom of the screen. You'll be taken to a new screen from there, where your ship will be seen at the center of the screen. There's an option over the top of it that says "Customize Starfighter." Select that and you'll be taken to a screen where you can customize all of the ships in your collection.

Choose the right ship you want to add your Baby Yoda dashboard decoration to, and choose "Edit Loadout." The screen will shift to the cockpit of the ship you've chosen. You'll be presented with a variety of different dashboard decorations, and you can scroll through them all to see what's available. If you got the Mandalorian Supply Drop, one of those options should be the Legendary Mysterious Creature decoration.

If you want to cute up your dashboard, it's going to cost you. You can purchase the Baby Yoda decoration for 1.200 Glory Points. If you don't already have enough currency to purchase it, don't worry. You don't have to spend any real money. Just jump into a multiplayer mode that you like and complete some Daily Challenges. Before long, you'll have enough cash to bring your own Baby Yoda home.

That's it -- that's all you need to do to bring Baby Yoda into your ship. Be sure to go into the settings and select the dashboard decoration for each ship you want to customize, and you'll never have to be without him. That's the world we all want to live in, anyway, right?

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