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How to Check Your Fortnite Purchase History

How much money have you spent on Fortnite? Here's how to find out.

Curious about how much money you've spent on Fortnite as a whole? Epic Games hasn't made it very simple to view how much money you've dropped on the popular shooter. However, there are ways to go about doing so. There is no official way to check money spent in Fortnite, or a function in-game that does that for you.

Instead, you'll have to go about it in a roundabout manner. Here's how you can check your Fortnite purchase history so you can see how much damage you've inflicted on your wallet.

How to check your Fortnite purchase history on PC

A shot of a Purchase History screen that will show up for players after logging in.Source: SteelSeries/Epic Games

Epic Games did not incorporate a special "money spent" stat or way to see how much money you've spent in-game on Fortnite. However, you can check your Purchase History on the Epic Games Store app or website.

To do this, you need to log in at the Epic Games Store online or mobile with your normal Epic credentials. Once at the main menu, select "Transactions" on the list of options to the left. Your list of purchases on the Epic Games Store will display here.

This method will pull the type of transaction, the date it was made, and how much it cost. However, this will not be relegated to Fortnite purchases. This will show everything you've ever purchased on the Epic Games Store.

You will need to go down the list to see how much you've spent on Fortnite items and add them manually if you want a number to keep track of.

How to check your Fortnite purchase history on console

A look at some of the items on sale in Fortnite that you can spend real-world cash on.Source: Epic Games

Like Fortnite players on PC, console and mobile players do not have a quick and easy way to see how much they've spent on Fortnite alone.

As Epic Games has not implemented a dedicated way to look at how much money has gone into the game, another method must be employed. On all consoles (and mobile), you'll need to go to the respective storefront you're purchasing from.

For Nintendo Switch, for instance, this would be the Nintendo Switch eShop. For PlayStation consoles, this would be the PlayStation Network. Each of these respective consoles has their own payment and transaction record you can check to see what you've bought in the past.

Unfortunately, there's no central way to look for this information that you can simply do from the Fortnite menu. You can choose from each storefront and run down the costs you have associated with Fortnite, or you could always check your bank statements for charges from the Epic Games Store. Most online banking apps let you sort purchases by source. You'd have to check each purchase. You should also receive emails when you make purchases on any platform, which can help you figure out how much of your money is going to Epic Games.

This might be a bit time-consuming, but it's accurate. Just be prepared to check a lot of entries if you spend a lot of money on the Epic Games Store on items outside of what you can get in Fortnite.

Now that you're likely a bit more aware of how much cash you spend in Fortnite, this should help you manage your funds.

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