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How Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Work

Here's a quick and easy explanation of how to enchant your weapons and armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

What gear can I enchant?

You can enchant your character's melee weapon, armor, and ranged weapon. All 3 equipped pieces of gear are located above your character portrait in the inventory menu.

Inventory from Minecraft Dungeons showing that the character is level 5 and equipped with daggers, wolf armor, and a rare bowEnchantment points look like a purple spiral so you can easily identify which gear you've enchanted. Here the daggers have 1 enchantment point, and my bow has 3.

Should I save up my enchantment points for high level gear?

Nope. When you salvage a piece of gear that you've spent enchantment points on, you get all the enchantment points refunded! So feel free to start enchanting right away.

How to enchant

When you first find a piece of gear, notice the "cluster" of enchantments with various degrees of rarity that you can choose from:3 enhancement options for a ranged weapon in Minecraft Dungeons Select the piece of gear you want to enchant, and select "enchant". Then, choose 1 enchantment (by scrolling left and right) that you want to unlock. Once you select the enchantment, that specific cluster of enchatment options becomes locked to the one you choose, so select wisely! A selected enhancement for a ranged weapon in Minecraft DungeonsHere I've chosen to unlock "Multishot" on my bow, because in my heart, I'm forever a Diablo 3 Demon Hunter.

On some gear, you'll notice more than one "cluster" of enchantments. This means that you can choose 2 or even 3 total enchantments to unlock on the best gear. A selected enchancement, plus 3 additional enchancement options for a ranged weapon in Minecraft DungeonsHere I've chosen the enchatment "Frenzied", and when I get more enchantment points, will be able to choose another enchantment from the 2nd cluster of options.

Level of enchantment

Each common enchantment has 3 tiers that can be unlocked in order for 1-3 enchantment points (versus powerful enchantments, which cost 2, 4, and 6 points to unlock at each level.)For example:

Multishot grants the chance to fire five arrows at once:

  • At tier 1, it has a 20% chance to trigger, and costs 1 enchantment point.
  • At tier 2, it has a 30% chance to trigger, and costs 2 enchantment points.
  • At tier 3, it has a 40% chance to trigger, and costs 3 enchantment points.

So to get to tier 3 of Multishot, it would cost you 6 total enchantment points.

Find a full list of weapon enchatments on Windows Central.


As mentioned above, whenever you salvage a piece of gear that you've spent enchantment points on, you get the points back! So at least in the early game, feel free to enchant your current gear - you aren't wasting the points.

Just be careful when enchancing extremely rare gear - once you've chosen the enchantments on a single piece of gear, they can't be undone (unless you salvage the gear or find another one).

I hope this has been helpful. These are just the basics to get you enchanting in your first runthrough of Minecraft Dungeons. Good luck out there!

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