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Free Xbox Games With Gold Games - September 2020

Ready to add some new Xbox titles to your collection? Here's what games Xbox Live Gold members get for free in September.

We've zoomed straight through summer (sometimes literally, thanks to all those video meetings) and fall is right around the corner. It's finally September, and the crisp fall breezes are right around the corner.

With that in mind, it's time for another shot of free games that you can download as an Xbox Live Gold member. This month's Free Games with Gold are out, and as usual there are several great choices to add to your collection.

Look no further for a guide to when you can pick up each title and what you're getting into. We'll be bringing you a selection of new games as they change each months, so be sure you stay tuned!

Free Xbox Games With Gold Games - September 2020

A graphic showing off September's free Games with Gold Source: Microsoft

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division ($29,99 ERP): Available September 1 to 30 on Xbox One
  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 ($19,99 ERP): Available September 16 to October 15 on Xbox One
  • de Blob 2 ($19,99 ERP): Available September 1 to 15 on Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Armed and Dangerous ($9,99 ERP): Available September 16 to 30 on Xbox One & Xbox 360

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division's agents stand their ground, ready to fight in New York City. Source: Ubisoft

From September 1 through September 30, you can pick up the original Tom Clancy's The Division, which is a $29,99 value. The first game in the series lets you reclaim New York City after it "falls into chaos." It's an online title that finds you playing through a lengthy co-op campaign alongside other agents as you earn new gear, fix up the city, and bring hope to the people who need it most. When you're done, you can move on to The Division 2!

Platform: Xbox One

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Fairy tale creatures roam the city streets in this colorful fantasy land.Source: THQ Nordic

This point-and-click adventure game gathers famed fantasy stories and turns them on their head with some curly hilarious spoofs. There are 20 hours of story content to wade through as you get to meet a varied cast of characters and help them solve problems, run errands, and ultimately fulfill their destinies. It's available from September 16 through October 15.

Platform: Xbox One

de Blob 2

The Blob works to escape the Inkies from draining the world of color. Source: THQ Nordic

This colorful platformer finds you working to stop the Inkies from getting rid of all shades of the rainbow from the world. You have to take on the form of Blob if you want to stop them. There's a fun painting function in-game, with 12 single-player levels, cool boss battles, and multiplayer options as well. It's available from September 1 through September 15.

Platform: Xbox One

Armed and Dangerous

One of the Lionhearts points a bazooka at the screen.Source: LucasArts

This retro Xbox title puts you in the shoes of the rebel group named the Lionhearts. They're putting their all into saving the world, though it's going to need a ton of smack-talking and bullet sprays to accomplish that lofty goal. It's a shooter with 21 different levels of a parodic nature that you'll love laughing along with on your way to victory. It's available from September 16 through September 30.

Platform: Xbox One and Xbox 360

That's all for this month! Be sure to come back next month to see what Microsoft has in store for Xbox Live Gold players in October!

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