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Best Team Comps to Use in TFT Set 8,5 (Patch 13,6)

Looking to climb back up the leaderboards after the new set update? Check out these new meta team comps.

TFT’s new mid-set 8,5 update has just launched and players are eager to learn how to climb the ranks. While many of the team compositions have stayed similar to the original set 8, there are of course a few newcomers that have added some new mechanics brining new playstyles for everyone to try.

Like many of the previous mid-set updates, there are new champions, traits and hero augments and we have a few teams here that you can try to start your ranked grind on the right foot.

InfiniTeam Twisted Fate

TFT meta team comp

This team is one of my new personal favorites using quite a few of the new units as well as some new traits focusing on InfiniTeam. Having the InfiniTeam trait active provides you with a portal on a random space within your board that can duplicate any InfiniTeam champion placed on top. If your portal spawns in your backline, try placing Twisted Fate or Ultimate Ezreal on top. If the portal spawns in the frontline, try duplicating Pantheon or Shen.

InfiniTeam can be a very aggressive early team since you are given an extra champion over other teams. Slamming early items on filler units may be able to start an early win streak. Focus on building a healthy economy so that you can level to 7 or 8 earlier than other players to secure your carries as soon as possible. Alternatively if you find yourself inconsistent, try a normal level curve by hitting level 6 at 3-2, level 7 at 4-1 and level 8 at 5-1.

Augments to look out for:

  • Mana Tempering (Sivir)
  • Time and a Half (Sivir)
  • Gear Shift (Twisted Fate)
  • Infiniteam Crest
  • Portable Forge
  • Ancient Archives

LaserCorps Warwick

TFT meta new patch

LaserCorps has returned to Set 8,5 with a new carry up their sleeve. Since Zed has been removed from the champion list, players will be using Warwick as their new damage dealer for this team. Although the carry has changed, Lasercorps is still fundamentally the same spawning a drone for each LaserCorps champion controlled.

You can follow a basic level curve for this team hitting level 6 at 3-2, level 7 at 4-1 and level 8 at 4-5 or 5-1 depending on your board state. Early game you can focus on using Leblanc as your damage dealer until Warwick is available. Once you have your Warwick and Hackerim, you can send your mechanical beast to the enemy backlines and watch him destroy other carries.

Augments to look out for:

  • Big Data (Warwick)
  • Well Fed+ (Warwick)
  • Spirit of the Exile (Yasuo)
  • LaserCorps Heart
  • Portable Forge
  • Thrill of the Hunt II

Mascot Vex

TFT meta comps

Another strong new team introduced is Mascot Vex. Previously most mascots were used in parallel with Supers, now with the new Riftwalker units Mascots have a new backline to support. Once the Riftwalker trait is active, players are provided a Zac to place anywhere on your board that will duplicate the trait of the nearest Riftwalker unit.

Since Zac duplicates traits, you can flex this team around to best fight against other players. If you need to focus on healing, you can place Vex closer to Zac giving you an extra Mascot, alternatively you can place Pyke closer to Zac to get an extra Hacker Trait as well.

You can play this team as shown using a normal level curve hitting level 6 at 3-2, level 7 at 4-1 and level 8 at 5-1. If you prefer a reroll version of this team, try bringing Lee Sin and Gangplank on for a 3-Star Supers variant.

Augments to look out for:

  • Joy Siphon (Vex)
  • Endless Darkness (Vex)
  • Contagious Laughter (Nunu)
  • Mascot Crest
  • Portable Forge
  • Jeweled Lotus

SpellSlinger Twisted Fate

TFT spellslinger

If you prefer to play AP teams, this might be for you. Neeko and Twisted Fate are the new Spellslingers brought into set 8,5 and their damage is unmatched. Here you will see similar gameplay to the Yuumi or Taliyah Star Guardian teams from set 8 with a trade of less global damage for more single target spells.

Follow a normal level curve for this team by hitting level 6 at 3-2, level 7 at 4-1 and level 8 at 5-1. Your main focus here is trying to find your 4-Cost carries as early as possible.

Augments to look out for:

  • Burning Spirit (Annie)
  • Ante Up (Twisted Fate)
  • Pyromania (Annie)
  • Spellslinger Crest
  • Jeweled Lotus
  • Portable Forge

Anima Squad Miss Fortune

TFT anima

Anima Squad is almost exactly the same from set 8, however with the introduction of Lucian players now have an additional trait to use; Quickdraw. Quickdraw fires a bonus projectile every third attack making your main carry Miss Fortune a bit stronger than before. While the team stayed mostly the same, this is still a strong and easy team to build.

Follow a normal level curve by hitting level 6 at 3-2, level 7 at 4-1 and level 8 at 5-1 and remember to activate the Anima Squad trait as early as possible to stack up fame for your champions.

Augments to look out for:

  • Bunny Mercenary (Miss Fortune)
  • Make it Rain (Miss Fortune)
  • Everyone Goes Boom (Jinx)
  • Anima Squad Crest
  • Portable Forge
  • Jeweled Lotus

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