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Best Back to School SteelSeries Gaming Mouse

Looking for a great wireless or gaming mouse gift? As we start the Back to School season, look no further than SteelSeries Aerox and Rival gaming mouse products for a fantastic student or teen gift.

Whether you're in college, high school, or even earlier, you're probably doing most of your studies and work on a computer. Having a great wireless gaming mouse is essential for comfortable learning, since it's your primary device for interfacing with the computer. SteelSeries has fantastic line of Aerox and Rival gaming mouse products that are great gifts for students (or upgrades for yourself!), which also double-up as a gaming mouse. After all, we know what you really want to do after a long study or homework session.

Let's check out our SteelSeries gaming mouse recommended products.

Aerox 3

Aerox 3 2022 Edition Gaming Mouse

Our Aerox 3 gaming mouse got a 2022 edition update. It's a super lightweight gaming mouse, weighing only 59g, which makes it insanely portable -- easy to go with your laptop, whether that's the classroom, library, or back to your dorm. You'll also stand out with beautiful 16.8 million RGB colors.

Every click feels crisp with the next-gen Golden Micro IP54 Switches, rated for 80 million clicks. Whether you're turning in an assignment or popping off in VALORANT, the Aerox 3 feels great to use, especially with the TrueMove Core Sensor for accurate 1-to-1 tracking.

The holey, light shell is protected by our AquaBarrier™ technology, also rated IP54, to prevent dust, dirt, oil, and water splashes from damaging the mouse, so moving around campus won't be an issue. It will be safe in your backpack as well.

What's even better about the Aerox 3 gaming mouse is the customizability; you can opt for the Aerox 3 Wireless or even make your own custom gaming mouse. Now there's a way to really stand out from your peers.

Price: $59-$99

> Buy the Aerox 3 2022 Edition

Rival 3 Wireless

Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you love, love wireless mice, this is the one for you. The SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse gives you a whooping 400+ hours of use. Wherever you go with the Rival 3, it's so easy to use anywhere thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, as this wireless mouse doesn't need the dongle for that. It's that convenient to travel with it to your class or your friend's dorm.

To switch back to your gaming side, take advantage of the 2,4 GHz connectivity for ultra-low latency as you seek to dominate in FPS, MOBA, RPG, and other genres. The required dongle is carried inside the mouse. This is great for Chromebooks, or taking it to the computer lab.

Later, when you're home, dominate the lanes with crispy mechanical switches and the TrueMove Air Sensor, developed with the world's leader in this category, PixArt.

The lightweight, ergonomic build and ultimate portability make this an awesome Back to School gaming mouse for any student.

Price: $49

> Buy the Rival 3 Wireless

Rival 5

Rival 5 Gaming Mouse

If you want to up your game a bit more while sporting a stylish mouse, the Rival 5 is an awesome choice. This SteelSeries multi-genre wired gaming mouse is great for battle royale, MOBA, MMO, and other genres, so whether you're your vice is League of Legends, VALORANT, or Fortnite, the Rival 5 is perfect.

The ergonomic layout brings you a total of 9 programmable buttons which you can adjust to your needs, in-game and out, with SteelSeries Engine. 5 of those buttons are on the side, giving you quick access to important abilities, or to make web browsing a breeze with fancy shortcuts.

Your clicks are accurate for those important shots thanks to the TrueMove Air Sensor with true 1-to-1 tracking, reaching 18.000 CPI, 400 IPS, 40G acceleration. At just 85g, the Rival 5 is still a very light, portable mouse, which means using it for hours for studying or playing isn't a strain on your wrist or hand.

Price: $59

> Buy the Rival 5)

Sensei Ten

Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse

Here's something for left-handed players: the Sensei Ten gaming mouse is ambidextrous. Legendary players have used this mouse, and now, its power can lie in your hands (actually, either hand!).

With built-in tilt-tracking and a great TrueMove Pro sensor, reach peak performance both in-game and out. With 60 million crispy clicks and a hyper-durable build, the Sensei Ten will serve you for years to come.

Price: $69,99

**> Buy the Sensei Ten

Looking for something else? Check out our selection of gaming mice to find the right product for going back to school. Time to hit the e-books!