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All Modifiers in Aghanim's Labyrinth, Explained

It's daunting to know what each of the unique room modifiers does, especially as you increase the mode's difficulty. Luckily, most are just re-named or variations on existing Dota 2 abilities. Here's what they all are:

Example modifiers from Dota 2, including Pyromaniac and Last Stand

Aghanim's Labyrinth room modifiers

  • Pyromaniac: Enemy Captains produce fire trails. Per gaming law...don't stand in the fire
  • Quiet, please!: Enemy Captains occasionally silence nearby players, AKA Orchid/Bloodthorne's ability
  • Living In A Bubble: When in the bubble, enemy Captains gain evasion from attacks from outside
  • Temple Guardians' Wrath: Temple Guardians' cast Sun Strike, AKA Invoker's mapwide ability
  • Rizzrack's Blade Dance: Rizzrack throws his chakrams, AKA Timbersaw's ultimate x50
  • Galvanic Farewell: Enemy Captains cast plasma field on death AKA Razer's circular Q attack, dealing more damange at it's widest point
  • Stone Faced: Enemy Captains take reduced damage from the front a la Mars
  • Explosive Personality: Players occasionally explode to damage allies, so stay spread
  • Magical Fortitude: All enemies have increased magic resistance
  • Thick Skinned: All enemies have increased amor
  • Lucky Strike: All enemies have a critical strike, so play extra carefully
  • Deadly: All enemies deal increased damage
  • Last Stand: Enemy Captains gain increased attack speed at low health for a short time, a la Troll Warlord
  • Surge: All enemies have increased movement speed, AKA Dark Seer's ability
  • Chilling Touch: All enemy attacks slow their targets, AKA Ancient Apparition's E attack modifier
  • Avatar: Enemy Captains occasionally gain magic immunity, AKA they use BKB
  • Death Curse: All enemies debuff the armor of their killers, so be wary about who lands the last hit
  • Vampiric: Enemy Captains gain lifesteal from all damage at low health for a short time, a la Satanic
  • Degen Field: Enemy Captains reduce healing of nearby players by 100%.
  • Flicker: Enemy Captains teleport randomly and purge debuffs from themselves, so be extremely cautious and be ready to get jumped on
  • Drunk: Captains occasionally gain bonus move speed, evasion, and critical strike, similar to Brewmaster's Drunken Brawler ability (E)

5 difficulties of Aghanim's Labyrinth, from Apprentice to Apex Mage

New boss modifiers in Apex Mage difficulty V (5)

  • Glutton: All enemies debuff the turn rate and attack speed of their killers on death. Slows by about 20 per stack, so get prepare to get very slowed and consider who should last hit
  • Meteoric: Enemy Captains sometimes become meteors and launch themselves at Heroes, a la the Fallen Sky neutral item
  • Glimmer: Enemy boss units can use Glimmer Cape. Units usually don't attack out of it. However, Ranged units may still attack you on occasion.
  • Clumsy: Enemy Captains cast root on their killers upon their death, a la Treant Protector, so be mindful of letting the tank last hit
  • Impatient: Enemies gradually gain size, damage, and health until they’re killed

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